Brighton Up Your Day

31st January 2019

Every true Londoner goes to Brighton beach at least once a year. Especially during one of those blissful hot sunny days everyone hopes for and complains about when they finally come. It’s pretty cold these days so I feel like publishing a short summer trip 🙂

After getting another Alfa, this time with steering on the right side, we let her take us down to south coast of England. Giulietta swallowed all 80 miles for quick brunch and after we parked at roof of nearby supermall, out were we in the rush hour of Brighton pier.

The pier is full of crazy attractions. I am not a big fan but went to roller coaster anyway. The fear for life when it really started going was real. All the construction so close and fast pacing around! And the sudden changes in direction! No wonder that after two minutes of this horror I walked out with shaking knees.

But I survived and it made me stronger so joining a queue for booster was a sure thing. I studied it carefully. This giant windmill turns only 10 times per ride. The speed increases towards 4th turn and keeps at maximum until 8th. Everyone aboard screams and people with wide smiles breathe heavily after leaving the boosters safety seats. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the thrill of force-falling towards pier’s floor, the view when in the upwards loop and the short moment at the top when the four-seater console suddenly turned upside down. I was also leaving smiling, pumped with adrenaline. One advice: try to get the seats facing the boosters’ clockwise turning direction. The views are amazing and you’ll be pushed up and down during the ride rather than pulled. It’s the same like sitting in a train seat opposite the direction of travel. It is ok but you can’t see where you are going.

Down at the beach all the life threatening horror feels far away. I am lying on comfortable warm bed made out of billions little stones. They are perfectly rounded by relentless breakers. It almost feels like having a massage. With closed eyes I listen to sound of sea breaking close by.

The beach experience would be better without thousands of screaming people everywhere around but that is just not possible on a hot summer afternoon in Brighton. And that is ok. Brighton can take it. Brighton can take care of everyone. Hungry? There is fish & chips in fake newspapers or half a bucket of steaming seafood. Want to have fun? Queue for the rollercoaster is not long. Need to cool down in the middle of a hot day? Dip in the ocean.

For everything else, there is Mellow Zebra playing on piano.

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